Predict intent, simplify journeys, grow sales

Put an end to frustrated and fruitless browsing, and close the loop on findability and optimising your site for customer intent.

The FoundIt! platform closes the loop on 'at scale' optimisation of the ecommerce customer experience, in order to make the things that customers want easier to find & buy.

What makes FoundIt! so effective?

Unlike personalisation we don't depend on cookies or personal information. We look at ALL the trends (not just an individuals browsing history). We are the only platform that goes beyond product recommendation and specialises in rearchitecting your website around the customer.

It starts with knowing your customer

FoundIt! analyses market trends, your site and your customers to understand what they're going to be looking for at every touchpoint of your site, mobile site and app, and turns this data into page, product, search and category insights.

With knowledge, comes the power to optimise & adapt!

Now you know what customers want, FoundIt! can make it easier for them to find it by automating the creation and display of relevant navigation, content, landing pages & product selections.

With knowledge image

Customer led filter menus

Finally your hero navigation can actually come to the rescue with relevant options aligned to customers intent and the way express it.

End of the line’ Search Suggestions

When customers have scrolled and scrolled but still haven’t found what they’re after,show them you can help them get to wherethey really want to go.

Relevant Hero Navigation

Highlight popular customer driven features in the menu area where they expect to find clarity.

In Grid suggestions

Help users navigating back from a product that caught their interestbut didn’t quite hit the spot, by showing them where to find ‘More like this’!

The navigation your shoppers always wanted
Turn your product pages into your best sales agents
Your product search engine. Just smarter
Fill the gaps in your taxonomy and content

The navigation your shoppers always wanted

Your shoppers should be spoilt for choice, not overwhelmed by it. FoundIt!'s guided navigation is driven by intent, and so instantly resonates with what shoppers are looking for, cutting through busy PLP's to help them find what they're after with fewer clicks and less frustration.

Instantly connect / smarter drill-down/Inspire

Turn your product pages into your best sales agents

More shoppers start & end their journey on PDPs than anywhere else on your site.
Let FoundIt! transform your PDP's, from that last stop on the line to nowhere, into a springboard for releveant discovery that keeps shoppers engaged, and recovers more sales.

Cut bounce / Inspire discovery / Expose range / Reduce exits / Avoid 'out of stock' anxiety

Your product search engine. Just smarter

Don't let bad results, failed searches and overwhelming lists ruin a sure sale.
FoundIt! foolproofs your search, to guide shoppers effortlessly to what they're looking for, without any  humdingers getting in the way.

Clarify search terms / Redirect smartly / Enrich products & results / Protect against failed search

Fill the gaps in your taxonomy & content

Shoppers are looking for product you sell, but are missing it as the range can't be exposed due to a lack of categories and attributes.
FoundIt! automatically identifies the gaps and integrates new landing pages to expose relevant products so shoppers and search engines can find them.

Taxonomy gap analysis / Create new categories / INnegrate new landing pages / Respond to trends
The navigation your shoppers always wanted
Turn your product pages into your best sales agents
Your product search engine. Just smarter
Fill the gaps in your taxonomy and content

Yes, I want my site powered by intent!