Automated AI | increaseD conversion | Zero IT integration | Improves UX

Shoppers don't want to muddle through

Get them to the right products with less effort and fewer clicks, with the only navigation platform built to understand customer intent and convert more sales!
We're optimizing journeys and growing conversion with these great retailers

If any of this sounds familiar, you need FoundIt!

Customers can't find what they're looking for
Our categories & filters don't give customers what they want
We're overwhelming customers with options
Our search engine is letting customers down
Our bounce rates are too high on PDPs & PLPs
A lot of our range never gets seen
We're struggling to enrich and optimise our products
Building pages and sections to tap trends takes too long
We're too big to stay on top of search and we're missing landing pages for target terms

We hear you!

Aligning with your customers' intent is key for driving conversions, but staying on top of shifting trends and evolving catalogues makes that tough. Delays in analysis and engineering backlogs add hurdles... No wonder it can be hard to hit growth targets!

Now imagine your whole site powered by customer intent

Using powerful natural language AI, FoundIt! delivers clarity at scale about what shoppers are looking for and automatically optimises the browse, search and product experience adding as much as 7% to headline sales.

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    Know your shoppers

    Foundit! collects 1,000,000's of shopper interactions, journeys and searches on your website and across the market

  • Found

    Understand what drives them

    Our unique 3 tier artificial intelligence algorithm distills the noise into insights that tell you what customers are REALLY looking for.

  • Found

    Reflect intent at scale

    Optimise the customer journey across products, search categories and facets; increasing conversion and ultimately revenue by as much as 7%

Automate guided navigation

  • Dynamic navigation optimised around customer intent
  • Reflects natural language and trends
  • Show customers more of what they want
  • Improves UX and increases conversion
  • No impact on site speed

Automate taxonomy and information architecture

  • Dynamically create product tags & landing pages
  • Information architecture based on language customers ACTUALLY use
  • Improve merchandising at scale
  • Fill taxonomy gaps easily

Automate product discovery

  • Dynamically create relevant product collections based on natural language and intent
  • Promote discovery on PLPs & PDPs using product collections
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase sales
  • No manual work for your team
Automate guided navigation
Automate taxonomy and information architecture
Automate product discovery

More finding = More buying

We need to think in a customer centric way to help customers find what they want and buy. FoundIt! does all that thinking up front for us, and just automates the changes we need. They’re also so rapid, easy and great to work with!

ELEANOR COUP, product manager, marks and spencer

We have been extremely pleased by all of the uses that FoundIt! gives us. Our online customers are finding products quickly and easily using FoundIt! smart navigation. It has delivered a 7% increase in revenue.

Charlie Carlton, Head of Digital and Trading, IronmongeryDirect

FoundIt! is not just a great platform, they’re a great partner too. We can share a problem, and within a few weeks have a new fully working solution on site. That’s spectacular!

Anthony Goodman, product manager, marks and spencer

AI that's Zero Effort & (almost) Zero Integration

Conversion growing AI that's zero effort and low maintenance

No effort integration

Foundit! does all the hard work, just drop our code into your tag manager.

Leverage existing tech

No need to change systems or complete a complex integration.

Intelligent out of the box

Whether it's 1,000's of pages or 1,000,000's Foundit! scales intelligently and effortlessly.

Always on

FoundIt! Al is always analysing, staying abreast of the latest trends and intent.

Site aware

FoundIt! always knows the state of your site, range and texonomy

Easy to integrate with a wide range of leading ecommerce tools & platforms