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78% Increase in Conversion Rate using FoundIt!

This was an increase of 78% over the baseline conversion rate and showed that FoundIt! genuinely helped more users find what they were looking for, faster and easier than all the other methods on the site. Including search, facets, filters, and sorts!

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Is ‘Ecommerce Assist’ a thing? It should be!

Ask a digital marketer about attribution and you will likely get the following response: We know the last-click model is flawed, but it’s the best model we’ve got! Which basically means that the bulk of the credit for any given sale will likely go to the final touch point that delivered the order. But is […]

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The Google Shopping Guide You Need!

Google Shopping has grown significantly and today represents a core weapon in any digital marketers arsenal. Read the latest Google Shopping innovations and strategies. From getting the basics right, to audiences, social media, retargeting through to FoundIt! talking about online experience.

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Product pages & Google Shopping. A customer journey battleground.

The rise of the product first journey Driven by the growth in programmes like Google Shopping, more shoppers are now starting their journey at the product level of a website than almost anywhere else, and is a trend reflected across both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, in the retailers we benchmarked for this audit, […]

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Podcast – Google Shopping

Podcast on Google Shopping and improving the customer journey online. Angie Knibb, Head of Paid Search at Greenlight, joins Warren Cowan, CEO of FoundIt!, to discuss how Google Shopping can drive relevant traffic to your site and how to help those users find what they’re really looking for once they land there.

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Why finding is the new searching – eBook

So much of your site is now optimised to within an inch of its life: your navigation, search, filters, sort options – all optimised. But “I couldn’t find what I was looking for” is still, for most retailers, a major complaint from shoppers, one that doubtless makes everyone wince.

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Finalist at the Customer Experience Awards 2017

FoundIt! has been selected as a Finalist at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2017 for “Engaging Customers Online “. Very proud of the team and the great work they did increasing the conversion rate of shoppers by 152% on

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Product Optimiser

Thanks to Google shopping, as many as 1/3 of shoppers begin their journey at the product page. Sadly though, as many as 70% of them bounce straight out. Worse still, these fickle shoppers tend to view less than 2-3 pages of the site, before dropping out and heading back to Google to continue their shopping journey with another retailer. Find out how FoundIt! gives shoppers the options they need to explore the ranges they came in looking for.

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