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SEO Insight: Christmas Jumpers

They were the #1 most searched for present last Christmas, so here we analyse the top related search terms and share the retailers winning the battle of the knitwear this Christmas.

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OneHydra Brochure

Want to learn more about how OneHydra’s automation software radically improves your SEO capabilities? No problem – download our brochure here:

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Why SEO is broken [video]

In this video we explain why traditional SEO methods just aren’t built for the fast moving retail environment and how they’re preventing you from delivering more ROI on your SEO investment.

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Last minute SEO tips for Christmas

With just 4 weeks left before Christmas, most retailers will have had their Christmas SEO strategy in place weeks, if not months, bynow. But even if your website is in lock-down there are still opportunities to help ensure you have a bumper haul this festive season. Like the Three Wise Men, I come bearing gifts […]

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The seasonal opportunities in SEO [whitepaper]

This whitepaper aims to give you great insight into the most common limitations faced by retailers when optimising for seasons and show you just how effective seasonal SEO can be at connecting customers to your products to accelerate traffic and revenue.

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Retail SEO is broken. It’s time to fix it.

In today’s digital society, consumers are continuously changing and evolving their shopping habits, so much so that retailers are struggling to catch up. With 19% of retailers having moved to a four week season cycle, the simple categories of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter no longer exists. The world of eCommerce is cut throat: and brands only […]

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