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Think about the last time you found exactly what you were looking for on a website. The journey was fast, easy and simple! Everything felt relevant, all the choices seemed spot on, and then boom… there it was. You Foundlt!, bought it, and you were off to the races.

You had what we call “the FoundIt! moment”

But shopping online can be a chore

Unfortunately plenty of shopping journeys just ain’t so simple. Customers are overwhelmed with choice, drowned with irrelevance, and have to sort, search and page their way through endless reams of products. And who needs a list of 150 ways to filter through 400 products anyway?

So we’re making it easier

This is our mission. We’re trying to create more Foundlt! moments for retailers and their customers to share in. We believe shopping should be fun, intuitive, effortless and productive for shoppers. Likewise it should be easy for retailers to make that possible. So we’re building software tools and platforms to break the mould around how to deliver a relevant shopping experience, and we’re doing it all by using data from customers to lead the way.

After all, who else are we laying out all those links and products for?

Meet the team

Warren Cowan
CEO & founder

Warren founded FoundIt! with a simple vision – to make shopping online easier. Having seen time and time again that websites are generally structured to reflect logic, not what customers actually want, Warren has developed ground-breaking software that understands customer intent and shapes the customer journey to provide a more relevant experience.

Chris Dunn

Second in command at FoundIt!, Chris keeps just about every aspect of our day-to-day business humming, including client success, sales, commercial operations and product. His passion throughout his 19 year career in the industry has been solving customer challenges. During this time he has worked with some of the biggest brands including John Lewis, Debenhams and Currys.

Matt Webb
Business Development Director

As Business Development Director, Matt helps enterprise retailers discover game-changing customer experience software. With over 20 years’ experience in technology and digital SaaS business development, Matt is able to apply his deep understanding of the industry to enhance customer value from the get-go.

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