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Product pages & Google Shopping. A customer journey battleground.

The rise of the product first journey Driven by the growth in programmes like Google Shopping, more shoppers than ever are now entering store and starting their journey at the product level of a website, than almost anywhere else, and is a trend reflected across both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, in the retailers […]

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Christmas 2015 Unwrapped

Consumer Christmas shopping habits have challenged and changed every retailer’s idea of success over recent years. Here are some of the key insights from our event ‘Christmas 2015 Unwrapped’ looking at how and why customer behaviour has changed.

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Why aren’t retailers optimising for trending products?

Why aren’t retailers doing SEO for trending products? Last week, the Evening Standard’s Emma Mcarthy wrote a great piece on the fashion hit of the season, Clogs. I was immediately interested in the article because it highlights the constantly changing and dynamic nature of the retail landscape. Reading up on the popularity of clogs, I sat there thinking that there must have […]

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Black Friday SEO [infographic]

As most retailers are already aware, there are now just over 100 days until Black Friday 2015. We’ve analysed search data from Black Friday 2014 and search trends from the past few years and made them into a handy infographic for you.

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