Is shopping on your site like trying to find a needle in a haystack?

Everyone loves to shop

But let’s face it, finding things on eCommerce sites is a chore.

All that clicking, sorting, searching, paginating, filtering.

Customers are either overwhelmed with choice or left wanting for it!

This makes them far more likely to bounce, or quit out of frustration and go try their luck somewhere else.

But what if you knew what your customers were looking for before they arrived in store?

Wow! You could really make a difference around here.

You’d know the categories, styles, types, colours, brands or features they we’re most likely to want and pick, on anything, and before they even arrived in store!

You could design the shopping experience around them, and help customers get to the items they want to find & buy, easier and quicker.

That’s the power of FoundIt!

Foundit! is a suite of products that works out what customers want, so you can shape the shopping journey to make it easier and quicker for them to find the things they’re after and buy from you.

Journey Optimiser

Cut bounce rates and deliver a conversion increase on desktop and mobile, by delivering relevant next step navigation that’s aligned to what shoppers are trying to find, helping them narrow down to the right products.

Product Optimiser

Automatically optimise your product landing pages on desktop and mobile for shopper intent. Helping your visitors find their way from the product page upwards,  so they can explore more of the ranges they came in looking for.

Organic Optimiser

Create more shopping opportunities, by increasing your natural visibility on search engines like Google for 1,000’s of your core customer keywords.

The results are in!

What you really want are the numbers, and with everything online being measurable, comparable, A/B test-able.  We can demonstrate these typical increases:


Headline sales revenue




Site-wide conversion rate


Revenue per visit

If they had told me how much FoundIt! was going to deliver and change our business before we’d hired them, I wouldn’t have believed them. But it has and continues to deliver. The team has been fantastically supportive for a technology company, and we use their data and application across our business to ensure we get the product mix and experience spot on.
Andrew Curran. CEO,

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