More basket adds.

Fewer basket cases.

Customers would buy a lot more if you made it easier

The good news is, you don’t have to fix a huge usability flaw in your design, and your products aren’t too shabby either!

It’s all about relevance

You just need to help them find what they want. We call it ‘creating more Foundlt! moments’. That doesn’t mean throwing kitchen sinks worth of sorts, facets, drill downs, filters, options and click here for page 2 of 15, at them. FoundIt! moments come from creating a relevant experience that helps shoppers find what they want, wherever they click.

That’s where we help

  • Foundlt! is a big data platform for customer experience.
  • It works out what your customers want wherever they are in your site.
  • It then uses this intent to next step navigation that reflects what they’re looking for.
  • This makes it easier and quicker to find what they want to buy.

Intent based recommendations

Prioritise these!

Wherever your customers are going to be in their journey, Foundlt! determines their intent and works out what options you need to prioritise to get them in front of the products they’re after and buy.

Build & create these!

They have the intent, you have product. You just don’t have a page to tie it all together and get them in front of it. Foundlt! spots the gaps in your taxonomy that customers are hunting for, so you can fill them.

Great Intel!

Foundlt! even tells you what customers want from a category that goes beyond what you currently sell and stock. Great intel for merchandisers, category managers and your buyers.

Reflect intent directly onto your site

Through a simple plugin on your website, Foundit! Navigator tunes your site into what customers are looking for and turns it into a platform that instinctively knows what they want. It then creates the options they need in order to find them, and puts them in the places they are most likely to see.

  • Most wanted

    FoundIt! cuts through endless options, menus and lists to distil the choices that customers actually want to shop the most and puts them front and centre so they get found.

  • Customer-led categories

    Customers want it. You sell it. You just haven’t created a page for them to find it. FoundIt! creates them. Giving your customers the options they want and recognise, even if your website hasn’t.

  • Filters that are relevant

    Use our data to show customers the options that are most helpful in narrowing down the choice they’re actually making, not just the 137 different way your website can slice it!

Start growing your SEO traffic too

Creating a site that is the perfect fit for what people are shopping for isn’t just good for the customers on your site.

It’s also the same thing that search engines like Google look for, to work out if you’re a strong and relevant site that’s worth sending people to when they’re searching for the same stuff.

This helps improve your rankings across the board for all the key search terms that customers are using offsite too.

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