“70% of my Google Shopping traffic bounces out the door!”

Traffic from Google, gets the poorest first impression of your website!

Thanks to Google shopping, as many as 1/3 of shoppers begin their journey at the product page. Sadly though, as many as 70% of them bounce straight out. Worse still, these fickle shoppers tend to view less than 2-3 pages of the site, before dropping out and heading back to Google to continue their shopping journey with another retailer.

Shoppers want choice. But that’s not what they get!

Shoppers entering your site from Google Shopping are still looking for a range and choice of product. They have largely come from searches that are focused on finding a type, group or category of products. This means a large volume of motivated but broadly focused shoppers are pushed down into very specific product pages, where many shoppers first instinct is to seek more of the same or similar items. 

What does the shopper experience?

Shopper Intent

Instead of relying on breadcrumbs which take the shopper back to the start, or settling for a handful of product recommendations that are not related to what they came in for, FoundIt! tunes into the actual intent that brought them there in the first place, and anticipates the options that will best help them expand their view and find what they’re looking for.

Relevance Delivered

The lack of relevant options leaves shoppers boxed in, creates frustration, and makes back clicking to Google the easiest option. FoundIt! dynamically turns those best next steps, into easy to use relevant navigation options that take them to ranges and groups of products they came in to buy, meaning less bounces or premature exits.

Customer Led

By applying its deep learning algorithms to understanding the search language and behaviour behind millions of onsite and offsite searches that shoppers use when they are looking at each of your pages and products and automatically creates new journey possibilities for stranded shoppers, even if you don’t have a page already set in your catalogue.

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