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Clever campaign management across Paid Media and Shopping Channels


Knowing what your customers want at any point in time can be a very powerful tool when it comes to your Shopping and Paid Media campaigns. Not only can we enrich, optimise, manage inventory and provide general feed management. We know what image, product or style in any product category gets the most interaction, so not only can we create FoundIt! navigation links but we can also create your shopping and media campaigns. As seasons, fashions or your database changes, so can your campaigns and they can be automated with FoundIt!

Start growing your SEO traffic

Creating a site that is the perfect fit for what people are shopping for isn’t just good for the customers on your site.

It’s also the same thing that search engines like Google look for, to work out if you’re a strong and relevant site that’s worth sending people to when they’re searching for the same stuff.

This helps improve your rankings across the board for all the key search terms that customers are using offsite too.

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