SEO roundtable: The State of SEO [video]

I recently hosted a roundtable at our office in Kings Cross on the topic of the State of SEO, along with Adam Bunn, Director of SEO & Social Media at Greenlight Digital. We were joined by SEO experts from Arcadia, Dixons Retail,, Premier Inn, Thomas Cook Airlines Group and Disney to discuss the common challenges they encounter with doing SEO and the approaches they take to overcome them.

As an old SEO with 16 years experience in the industry, I was keen to hear how today’s modern marketers get SEO done for a site with hundreds of thousands and even millions of pages, so I posed the following questions to the group:

    • What are challenges with implementing & growing SEO for large eCommerce websites?


    • How do you use analytics to optimise SEO?


    • What are the main barriers to getting SEO done?


    • What is the role of Search agencies?


    • How is SEO viewed within your organisation?


    • What are the challenges of international SEO?

Click on the video to watch the discussion in full. A big thank you to everyone who attended and contributed.

We’ve also split the video of the roundtable up by topic. View them here.

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