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Internet Retailing Research Programme – Seasonal Commerce

Seasonality in retail conflates a number of challenges across the business:

  • peak demand and the load on servers and infrastructure
  • stock-build and the challenges of storage space and handling
  • peak impacts throughout the selling chain – from photographing, attributing and describing a flood of products, to hiring a large number of staff for stores, warehouse or contact centres.

As ecommerce has become multichannel there are some new seasonality challenges. The previous 2-4 seasons a year has turned to rolling seasons of 4 weeks. In parallel, the selling season for some products has extended all year round – summer dresses and sunglasses in January…

OneHydra has partnered with Internet Retailing on the inaugural Research Report into Seasonal Commerce to delve into the challenges for multichannel retailers and understand in particular the impact that seasonal peaks have on Search.

This survey will look at:

  • What are they key seasons and how do they impact your operations?
  • What challenges do spikes in demand place on you?
  • How are these challenges being managed to maintain a high level of customer service?

As a thank you to survey participants, Internet Retailing has two free tickets up for grabs for the sell out Internet Retailing Conference, priced at £295 each.

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