SEO Insight: Christmas Jumpers

They were the #1 most searched for present last Christmas and Christmas Jumpers seem set to be THE must-have item this year. According to our data (and the sheer number of Christmas Jumpers being worn around our office!), there will be over 9 million searches for christmas jumpers and other related terms between 1 October – 31 December 2014. And it would seem the funnier the better, with novelty, funny, rude and light up jumpers all ranking within the Top 20 generic search terms.

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  2. christmas jumper
  3. christmas jumpers u k
  4. christmas jumpers uk
  5. mens christmas jumpers
  6. xmas jumpers
  7. funny christmas jumpers
  8. christmas jumpers 2014
  9. novelty christmas jumpers
  10. mens christmas jumper
  11. rude christmas jumpers
  12. xmas jumper
  13. kids christmas jumpers
  14. christmas jumper dress
  15. cheap christmas jumpers
  16. national christmas jumper day
  17. christmas jumpers for women
  18. light up christmas jumpers
  19. adventure time christmas jumper
  20. dog christmas jumper

So which retailers are winning the knitwear battle?

We looked at all the search terms relating to christmas jumper with search volumes over 100 – producing a basket of 763 keywords. We then analysed the number of keywords each retailer is visible for and the monthly reach% (propensity to be visible). It’s easy to see that eBay and Amazon have the largest number of ranking keywords (93.45% and 95.67% respectively), but the good news for retailers is that they don’t perform well in the more important metric – Monthly Reach%. The reason for this is that the majority of their keywords rank poorly. In comparison Matalan has only 289 keywords that rank, but their keywords rank higher on average, meaning they are much more likely to be seen and ultimately, clicked on.


Christmas jumpers competitors2

However, with 763 different search terms there are plenty of opportunities for smaller retailers to find a niche category, such as dog christmas jumpers or his and hers christmas jumpers to rank highly for.

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