Insight: What is the deeper intent, when customers search “Christmas Jumpers”?

In our final blog post of 2016 we take a look a quick look at searches for Christmas Jumpers and share the top 20 generic search terms the customers are using to find them, and compare the performance of the top 20 retailers. We’ll also reveal the big trends of 2015.

Headline stats


    • Just over 6m Christmas jumper related searches
    • Nearly 1500 search terms that had 100+ search terms
    • Searches decreased in 2014 compared to 2013
    • Expect searches to increase from 2014 to 6.3 – 7m
    • Shoppers are searching for Christmas jumpers earlier each year
    • Biggest trend is Star Wars themed jumpers
    • Christmas jumper day searches feature twice in the top 20 list as it becomes a fixed feature in the festive calendar

There were two big surprises for us when we started analysing Christmas jumper related searches this year:

Searches decreased in 2014

When we did the same analysis in November last year, we expected there to be 9m searches based on annual growth in previous years and search volume in September and October last year (you can read last year’s blog post on Christmas Jumpers here). However, when we looked at the final search volume data for 2014 in actual fact there were only 6m searches. So why the difference? Further analysis revealed two things: higher search volumes in September and October were in actually reflected a trend in people starting to search earlier in the season for Christmas jumpers  (118,710 searches in Sept 2015 compared to 84,930 in Sept 2014) rather than an aggregate increase in search volume as well as a fall in search volume.

So like Onesies, are we to assume that Christmas Jumpers had their day?

The impact of popular culture on search trends

‘star wars xmas jumper’ only just made it inside the top 100 searches last year but star wars christmas jumper was the 4th most searched for term in October and it seems we aren’t the only ones who were caught by surprise by this – most of big retailers didn’t anticipate the demand for Star Wars merchandise. Only Asda and M&S show up in the Google Shopping results, but not organic results.

Top 20 search terms

christmas jumpers

christmas jumper

christmas jumpers 2015

star wars christmas jumper

mens christmas jumpers

womens christmas jumpers

xmas jumpers

christmas jumper day 2015

christmas jumpers u k

christmas jumpers uk

funny christmas jumpers

ladies christmas jumpers

maternity christmas jumper

xmas jumpers 2015

christmas jumper dress

christmas jumper day

christmas jumpers womens

little miss christmas jumper

star wars xmas jumper

christmas jumpers mens

So which retailers are winning the knitwear battle this year?

Again we looked at all the search terms relating to christmas jumper with search volumes over 100 – producing a basket of 500 keywords. We then analysed the number of keywords each retailer is visible for and the monthly reach% (propensity to be visible). eBay and Amazon had the largest number of ranking keywords last year, but low Monthly Reach%. Asda has got their SEO right this year, moving up from 8th place to 1st position with the largest number of ranking keywords AND the highest monthly reach – proving that with the right strategy it is possible to beat Amazon.


4 things retailers can take away from this data:
  1. Undoubtedly Christmas Jumpers will continue to remain popular, especially with Christmas Jumper day becoming a fixed feature of the festive calendar, but it’s unlikely they’ll reach the heady heights of 2013 again.
  2. Add stock to your website from late August/early September to make sure you maximise the opportunity of shoppers searching early.
  3. Many of the generic search terms remain the same each year but look to popular culture and trends to help with predicting demand to give you an advantage over competitors and ensure you don’t miss out on revenue. A keyword tool like FoundIt! gathers and distils all the data and critical insights for you so you always know how to move the needle and how ROI.
  4. It is possible to take on Amazon and win.


All the best for a happy and successful Christmas and 2016!

The FoundIt! Team


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