Retail SEO is broken. It’s time to fix it.

In today’s digital society, consumers are continuously changing and evolving their shopping habits, so much so that retailers are struggling to catch up. With 19% of retailers having moved to a four week season cycle, the simple categories of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter no longer exists. The world of eCommerce is cut throat: and brands only have a matter of seconds to connect shoppers to their products or else they risk losing them to a competitor.\n\nGiven the growth in retail traffic (predicted to reach 3.3 billion visits in the UK by the end of December), it’s surprising that SEO is often treated in silo and not integrated with other data. By integrating forecasting within the business, it’s possible to use SEO as a strategic tool to steer buying and merchandising decisions based on actual demand. Retailers who do this will see the needle move more.\n\nAt this year’s Digital Marketing Show, I will be exploring the common mistakes retailers make when defining their SEO strategy and how this is blocking brands from seeing any kind of ROI. Drawing upon relevant examples from a few of our customers such as Debenhams and Currys, I will discuss what was preventing them from making the most of their SEO and the changes and successes they now have. Fresh Business Thinking recently recorded an interview with me discussing the latest digital trends and top tips ahead of the show.\n\nSo if you are involved with SEO, eCommerce and digital marketing, then this year’s event is not to be missed.\n\nClick here to register for the event, or for more information about our SEO solutions contact us.

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