SEO roundtable: Implementing & growing SEO [video]

We recently hosted a roundtable on the topic of the State of SEO. We were joined by SEO experts from Arcadia, Dixons Retail,, Premier Inn, Thomas Cook Airlines Group and Disney to discuss the challenges they face with getting SEO done and the approaches they have taken to overcome them.

The first topic on the agenda was ‘The challenges with implementing and growing SEO for large eCommerce sites’.

Getting things done is a key challenge and frustration. “We identified that we had issues with pretty much all of our brands in the mobile space around 2 months ago and yet we’re still not ready”, said Dan Locke, Group SEO Manager at Arcadia. “People who need to make the change aren’t necessarily the people that already understand. Trying to get across the urgency without £’s and value is tough – even then you’re still in a queue with everything else. There’s hundreds of development requests going in every day.”

The group agreed that there’s a big difference between pure-plays and multi-channel businesses that were predominantly established through retail stores, hotels etc. “There needs to be a significant step change for multichannel retailers to become more agile”, was the observation of Amish Mehta, SEO Manager for Dixons Retail.

The key to overcoming the challenges faced with getting SEO done is education and showing the business the value that online brings. The quickest way to succeed is to get the C-suite onboard. Naz Mehrzad, Head of Search at Premier Inn has found from experience, “that as soon as you get the people on top onboard then budget and responsibility follow”.

Quick wins can also help. Jack Adams, Senior Manager, SEO at tries to ride the coat-tails of other projects. “Find out what’s already in the engineering queue and see if there’s any minor modifications that can benefit SEO” was his advice.

These are just some of the highlights. To watch the discussion in full, click on the video below.

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