Hard category vs User-suggested category structures [video]

Almost every retailer defines a hard-category structure for their website, e.g. the Home page ? Women ? Jackets. However, we find shoppers use far broader and richer language when they search, e.g. quilted jacket, fitted blazer, faux-fur coats.\n\nThese are what we call user-suggested categories; categories that you haven’t explicitly defined, but shoppers are searching for and for which you have product that enables you to satisfy the search and potentially the buyer.\n\nOneHydra’s CEO, Warren Cowan, explains the what happens by not having these categories on your website, as well as the impact to your SEO, and also shares his favourite places to find user-suggested category data.\n\nClick on the video below to watch.

Find out more about how OneHydra enables you to be responsive to trending phrases and categories onehydra.com/seo-recommendations-at-scale/

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