How a hierarchically-organised website is losing you money [video]

I’ve discussed the impact of having a hierarchically-structured website on SEO and customer experience previously (see Hard category vs User-suggested category structures). In this video, I talk about another impact of hierarchical structures: how these logical paths don’t necessarily reflect each categories popularity and therefore undervalue pages that can deliver a stronger return.

For example, in the structure Mens ? Knitwear ? Cardigans there may be far more searches for cardigans than knitwear, even though ‘Knitwear’ is higher up the hierarchy. The Knitwear page therefore has more ability rank for the word ‘knitwear’ than the Cardigans page has to rank for the term ‘cardigans’, despite the Cardigans page being able to generate more demand and more revenue. And this is happening in every category and subcategory across the site.

Watch the video to learn more about this issue and how to determine if a page is undervalued by its place in the hierarchy.

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