Finalist at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2017

We are thrilled to have been announced as a finalist at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2017 for ‘Best online user experience B2C’.

On the 22nd November at Wembley Stadium we will be presenting to a judging panel in the finals. We are delighted that our excellent work for Amara has been recognised.

Amara are a luxury international online store and committed to bringing the very best in luxury home fashion to its customers. Essential to the customer offer is the ranging and product strategy, and ensuring that the site reflects the broadest and deepest selection of products from over 300 of the world’s leading luxury brands.

But it had also created a problem.  Instead of being spoilt for choice, customers were getting overwhelmed by it, and this began to hold back sales/conversion rates and the aggressive revenue growth that the business was targeting. Shoppers had to click through countless pages to find the products they were looking for. The more effort it took to find something, the more customer frustration built, and the more conversion rate suffered.

Through advanced crawling techniques and natural language processing, FoundIt! learned the website structure and what they sold. It then mapped the shopper intent directly to website experience, to serve the customer needs on each and every page. We were then able to deliver laser focused, relevant and easy to use navigation, that reflected exactly what the shopper came in for.  We did this on both desktop and mobile devices. So, when customers were looking, it was right in front of them, making finding what they wanted easier, faster & with fewer clicks.


FoundIt! uses big data to learn what the customer intent is, in every category and on each page of a website. It then surfaces that intent in the form of helpful and relevant contextual navigation at the right point of the journey, increasing the customer’s propensity to take action to find the products they’re looking for.

Awards International CEO Neil Skehel said: “Digital Experience is fast becoming one of the most important fields for businesses right across the globe. Today’s customers expect a lot from firms when it comes to offering a digital pathway, and if they can’t keep up they will be left behind.”


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