Ecommerce Club Interactive 19 May 2015 – Write up

On Tuesday 19th May we joined a room full of Ecommerce & digital professionals at DSTRKT, London for the inaugural Ecommerce Club event – Taking Control of the Customer Experience for Success in Retail. A half-day interactive event, the objective was to bring together retailers to network, share their challenges and get advice from their peers and industry experts. Creating a tailored customer experience was the ongoing thread throughout the day and something each of the speakers touched on.

Part 1: Presentations

The day kicked off with brief journey round the globe with John Sellwood, Head of New Business at Oban Digital, uncovering key dates throughout the year that can impact your business. Did you know that Singles day in China (11 Nov) has become the largest eCommerce day in the world with $9.3b worth of goods sold in 2014? View the presentation to see more cultural dates around the World to bear in mind for your Global marketing plan.

Elias Moubayed, General Manager EMEA at Certona presented a case study on Gamestop – a US game retailer. Gamestop has invested heavily over the past 10 years to transform into a truly omnichannel retailer. With over 4,500 stores in the US, online is only part of the story so it was necessary to create an omnichannel experience.  Digital and mobile strategies including personalised recommendations helped to increase the AOV and conversion rate.

View the presentation to learn more about how Gamestop created a tailored experience for every shopper.

OneHydra’s CEO & founder, Warren Cowan, kept the energy high – flying through 82 slides in 15 minutes! Warren explained how to leverage your customers search data to improve the customer experience and SEO. Using customer language not only maximises SEO, but it also delivers a better customer experience. View presentation

The final speaker was Sam Sethi, CTO & founder of Skadoosh. Sam talked about how – a fashionmarket place that provides personalised pricing – is using gamification to help retail partners identify and reward loyal customers and how bidding is enabling customers to signal the price they are willing to pay. View presentation

Part 2: Interactive Table Talk

ecomm pic 2The second half of the day was the Interactive table talk – a new style of event where each table was presented with an imaginary start-up Ecommerce business (Shoebox Heaven) and given an individual task to complete and present back to the room. OneHydra/Greenlight led a table tasked with considering what the first 3 steps that Shoebox Heaven could make to their site in order to increase sales.

The group discussed a number of short, medium and long-term strategies and agreed on the following 3 steps:

Platform build – get a platform that supports you to grow. Shoebox Heaven targeted high-end customers, so would need to offer a give a premium experience. The platform would need the ability to add personalisation.

Brand awareness – building the brand and getting it known was seen as the second more important step. Ways to do this included blogging, social-media and user-generated content.

Internationalisation – venturing into new markets was chosen as the final step. Considerations and actions included sourcing payment & logistics partner and looking at search and merchandising in each country.

After each table presented their ideas, all that was then left to do was continue the conversations over a well-deserved glass of wine or two, with the likes of Boohoo, Speedo,, Sony Mobile, Ted Baker, The Beans Group and Cancer Research.

Thanks to The Ecommerce Club for organising and we look forward to seeing you at the Ecommerce Club Working Lunch on Thursday 18 June. You can find out more and register here!

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