Debenhams Case Study

Defining the strategy and steer buying and merchandising teams

Debenhams PLC, one of the UK’s leading multi-channel brands is available online in 70 countries and is the 11th biggest UK online retailer by traffic volume.

While its internal SEO team are highly skilled, they found themselves constrained by time resource and only able to focus on a discrete number of search terms for the brands and product lines they stocked. The lack of search term data made it difficult for the Trading teams to create demand-led strategies and current reporting methods were time and labour intensive.

Since implementing FoundIt!, Debenhams very quickly achieved the following results:

  • Expanded the keyword/phrase list five-fold to 1 million
  • Removed guesswork from buying and merchandising decisions
  • Saved time on reporting

 “FoundIt! makes keyword discovery and categorisation a simple and easy task; this, coupled with the automated data uploads allows me to easily establish our performance at top level as well as within individual product areas all within my customised dashboards. The time saved on reporting will mean more time implementing actionable recommendations and measuring their effect, which means we can deliver enhanced results at the same time as being more strategic.”

Nick Andrews, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Debenhams

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