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The seasonal opportunities in SEO [whitepaper]

This whitepaper aims to give you great insight into the most common limitations faced by retailers when optimising for seasons and show you just how effective seasonal SEO can be at connecting customers to your products to accelerate traffic and revenue.

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Retail SEO is broken. It’s time to fix it.

In today’s digital society, consumers are continuously changing and evolving their shopping habits, so much so that retailers are struggling to catch up. With 19% of retailers having moved to a four week season cycle, the simple categories of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter no longer exists. The world of eCommerce is cut throat: and brands only […]

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SEO for seasonal peaks

Retail SEO for seasonal commerce Seasonal commerce has changed. Long gone are the standard four seasons a year.  A new study into seasonal commerce that is being released tomorrow shows that almost one in five retailers has moved to a four week season cycle, with 37% of respondents saying that their seasons had shortened. The […]

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Transformation in retail

The digital landscape has transformed both brick and mortar and online retailers, yet many are struggling with the challenges presented by the speed and scale of change. Retailers are investing in innovation and technology to help them become more agile and keep ahead of the competition, bringing a fresh set of new challenges as companies […]

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SEO 101 Series: Google Hummingbird

Google’s last infrastructure update, named Hummingbird, will be the focus of my latest post of the SEO101 series, sharing the basics of SEO as I learn them. I will be directing attention to what Hummingbird is, what we know of how it works and what this means to Google users and site owners. Hummingbird is […]

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Share your views on seasonal commerce

Internet Retailing Research Programme – Seasonal Commerce Seasonality in retail conflates a number of challenges across the business: peak demand and the load on servers and infrastructure stock-build and the challenges of storage space and handling peak impacts throughout the selling chain – from photographing, attributing and describing a flood of products, to hiring a […]

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New ways to connect with the digital customer

New ways to connect with the digital customer Digital innovations are shaping the future of retail and disrupting traditional ways of doing things. Today’s tech savvy customers are checking their email on their mobile on their way to work and looking for the latest trends on Instagram. During the day they intermittently engage with their […]

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The Holy Grail of Fashion

If you are searching for the Holy Grail of Fashion SEO, you’ll probably look to the big player: ASOS. So how has ASOS has managed to become the most successful fashion e-tailer of our time in just a few short years? In this paper, discover the strategies ASOS use to dominate online fashion and gain actionable […]

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