BT Expedite joins forces with OneHydra to offer improved SEO

BT Expedite joins forces with OneHydra to offer improved SEO for multi-channel retailers

Following yesterday’s announcement that BT Expedite, BT’s retail specialists, will be working with OneHydra to provide enhanced capabilities for retailers on its ecommerce platform, OneHydra’s CEO, Warren Cowan, talks about the reasons behind the decision to partner with BT and explains how this will benefit retailers.

“Ecommerce platforms do a number of things really well, but they weren’t built with SEO in mind. We were excited by BT’s fundamental change in approach towards delivering innovation, through a technology partners’ ecosystem, instead of trying to develop the technology themselves. OneHydra was built to optimise large ecommerce websites, so this partnership will give retailers on BT Expedite’s ecommerce platform all the SEO capabilities they want and need to grow their online revenues.

The most common reasons for SEO not delivering revenue are almost always in implementation. Our research shows that 80% of SEO changes, either never make it, and/or take longer than 12 months to trickle through.

The reason for this delay is almost always a lack of resources and competing priorities. Going forward, retailers on BT Expedite’s ecommerce platform will be able to use OneHydra’s SEO solution to dynamically optimise content site-wide, while providing clients with total control of their pages and keywords. This not only improves the online performance, but also enhances the customer experience by helping them find what they’re looking for quicker, as well as giving them more choice – ultimately leading to higher conversions and revenue.”

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