Why aren’t retailers optimising for trending products?

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Why aren’t retailers doing SEO for trending products?

Last week, the Evening Standard’s Emma Mcarthy wrote a great piece on the fashion hit of the season, Clogs.

I was immediately interested in the article because it highlights the constantly changing and dynamic nature of the retail landscape.

Reading up on the popularity of clogs, I sat there thinking that there must have been a surge in keyword searches for it, and savvy retailers everywhere will have created dedicated pages to accommodate this clear runaway sensation.

After all, if I’m reading about it in the paper, then the leading retailers will already be all over it.

So I thought I’d check through the websites of the big high street fashion retailers, to see.

To my surprise, it turns out none of the major fashion retailers have created a ‘clogs’ page on their website. Nothing in their ‘hot products’ section, ‘trends’ menu of their navigation bars, not even kicking around in the menus on their shoes pages.


“OK”, we thought. We shan’t be too quick to judge.

After all, they do have a lot of lines to merchandise. So if they haven’t done it, surely the dedicated shoe retailers will have. But a quick scan of their sites (screen cap’d below) suggests they haven’t either.


The result is…no rankings

Unsurprisingly, the impact of this is that none of the high street fashion retailers or shoe retailers for that matter, rank very visibly for ‘clogs’ or related terms.


In fact a more detailed analysis of the terms in OneHydra shows an absence of practically all the major fashion sites, across most of the terms.














So why is everyone missing the boat?

The answer we suspect is a combination of a lack of insights, a shortage of time to look at and react to them, and the ability to make website changes in a responsive and timely way.

This was something that our recent survey on the State of SEO in retail ecommerce, recently uncovered.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to wait for the national newspapers to pick up trending keywords either.

With OneHydra, this is easy and it would have identified these trends, and built the pages out to deal with them, giving retailers a fighting chance at selling more clogs.

So here’s how we avoid missing the boat, and close the loop on optimising trending keywords

In the below example from a OneHydra client, we’ve got another trend that many retailers aren’t responding to, ‘Canvas bags’!

There’s growing volume for the keywords highlighted by our keyword bank (on the left) and OneHydra identified that there’s no page on the site to support the theme (despite having trade-able product). As a result, it automatically specified a page creation instruction (in the centre).

This appears as soon as the data is computed, and because OneHydra is directly integrated into the eCommerce platform, we can publish it on-demand if we want (menu on the right).



When we do publish it, OneHydra will make sure the link to it is placed on the right category page of the site so users and search engines can experience it.


Using OneHydra, it’s possible to identify the 000’s of trends and keywords that customers are searching for, and see the one’s that aren’t being handled by the sites content and structure. This makes it easy to respond dynamically to customer needs and to trending opportunities.

Or you can wait to read about it in the paper!


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