Christmas 2015 Unwrapped

Last night OneHydra and Greenlight Commerce hosted a dinner for senior eCommerce and digital professionals at the stylish Haymarket Hotel in central London. We were joined by retailers including Marks & Spencer, Etsy, Moonpig, The Entertainer and Wickes for the event ‘Christmas 2015 Unwrapped’, where Greenlight and OneHydra CEO and guest speaker Billy Grant of Hitwise shared key retail insights from the festive season. Here are just a few of the key stats revealed:

Christmas Jumpers

  • Almost 3.5k search terms with <100 search volume
  • Nearly 9.3m searches between September – December 2015
  • Searches started earlier – aggregate searches up in September compared to 2014
  • Star Wars was THE big trend this year – the 7th largest search volume – yet most of the big retailers didn’t have any stock

 Key dates – traffic

Traditional sales dates are falling but pre-Christmas sales dates are growing.

Key traffic dates 2015


Referral Channels

Email a consistently strong channel although Black Friday response not as high as expected – consumers know what they want to buy.

Email referrals

Share of clicks from Social Media to retail sites dropped sharply on Black Friday but grew its presence in the approach to Christmas.

Social Media

Affiliates were a key traffic driver for Black Friday – traffic to Retail from Affiliate sites increased 14% during Black Friday week and 3% during Christmas week.


Key takeaways

Start early

Rise of pre-Christmas sales and reduced engagement with traditional sales dates mean retailers need to drive acquisition and conversions earlier in November.

Be noticed
With many companies starting email blasts during Black Friday and Christmas weeks, start blasts a week prior to Black Friday and Christmas weeks.

Savvy shoppers

Increase presence across Affiliates in build up to and during Black Friday and Christmas sales dates.

Capitalise on emerging trends

Leverage fast moving search trends to drive incremental revenues and reach new audiences.


We hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as us. Thank you to everyone who joined us and shared their experience and special thanks to Billy for providing some fascinating insights.

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