grows conversion rates by 152%, using Journey Optimiser! grows conversion rates by 152%! is rapidly growing business in mid market and luxury home furnishings, and sells over 40,000 sku’s across sites in 8 markets.

When customers started struggling to find what they were looking for, and conversion rates started to suffer, they turned to FoundIt! for help.

Through a simple integration with the FoundIt! Journey Optimiser platform, Amara now delivers an experience on each page of their desktop and mobile sites, that is tailored to buying intent and prioritised to what shoppers are actually looking for.

Better still, when shoppers engage with navigation delivered by FoundIt! Journey Optimiser, they convert at 2.5x the rate of customers that browse normally (a 152% increase in conversion rate).

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Key performance stats:

17% increase in revenue
10% increase in transactions
20% increase in RPV

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